Jul 14, 2008

Africa Pictures

Thanks to a friend of mine...Kristina...I have some new Africa pics that I didn't even know had been taken! I just had to share them with you guys!

Getting to know a Care Point Kid...I feel really bad that I don't even remember his name now. This was the day we gave our Samaritian's Purse Christmas Boxes to all of the regular kids. Christmas in May! It was incredible. I, a girl for the States, gave away a box that was made in the UK for a child in Swaziland! WOW...the body of Christ in action.
Building a sand pit for the kids at one of the care points. These two girls in the back ground were my special friends. The one in the pink stole my heart and never gave it back to me! Her name sounds like Toe-boo-gee-lay.

Me and Tobu walking to her house in the mountians! She is soooo cute!!

Hannah, Kristina and I

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