Jul 25, 2008

Not Looking but Expecting

I have been pondering something for a few days now, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

If faith is believing in what we do not see we have to develop another way to find God's blessing.

We can't look for it because it isn't there yet...we would continually say "Is this it?" "Oh this is definately the blessing I've been looking for!" "This has got to be it!" "I know this is from God." That is not faith...that is a sure set up for dissappointment...believe me. I have been looking for blessing under every rock and I have not found anything yet.

What we have to do is look to God and expect the blessing to come. If we have faith then we believe it is going to happen. We prayed for it. We felt a peace. We know God heard our cry. If we keep looking for the answer around every corner then are we really trusting God to provide in His timing...in his way?

No, I fear that in doing this we are really trying to fit God into our idea of what the answer to the prayer will look like. If we, instead, life up the prayer, look to God in faith and basiclly just try to forget we have the need altogether, God will suprise us with an answer that is abundant...more than we could ever hope for, imagine or dream!

John 13:7 "You do not realize now what I am doing but later you will understand."

I definately don't understand what God is doing in a lot of different areas of my life, my family's lives and the world, but that is no suprise because in Isaiah 55 He told us that His ways are higher than ours. That is where the faith come is.

So I have decided to stop looking for it and look to God instead...expectantly. I challenge you to do the same thing!

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