Sep 12, 2008

Armor Bearer

What does it take to be an Armor Bearer for God?

Would you want to be an Armor Bearer for someone else?

The Bible talks about some of the greatest, most humble men being armor bearers...what does that really mean? There is a great book out there...called Armor Bearer (genius, no?)...that talks about what it takes to lift up those around you.

When I pray for my time in Honduras, I have prayed that I would be an armor bearer for Dr. Martin and Wendy. My biggest desire it that I can be used to increase the capacity of their ministry. Dr. Martin keeps using the word "catapult" when he talks about what is fixing to happen in the Rio Viejo mountain cove.

Last week while they were in town, we had a get together over at Dr. Cheri Leblanc's house. We were praying for HHIM and my time there and Mr. Joe, Dr. Cheri's husband, received a vision. He saw the hospital in Rio Viejo with lines of people so numerous they looked like ants. They were receiving medical care from the clinic but they were also receiving the love of Christ. He also saw me standing on the side lines, polishing a shield. He asked the Lord what it meant and God said that I was going to be an armor bearer of the ministry and that I was going to Honduras to do things with excellence.

WOW! Mr. Joe didn't know that being an armor bearer has been my prayer for months. I almost cried when he shared what he saw. God hears our prayers! He knows what is on our hearts! I am going to Honduras to serve Him with excellence and to lift some of the burden off of Dr. Martin and Wendy. It doesn't mean that things will get actually means that we will all be able to do more...more for the patients, more for the community and more for God.

I just wanted to share that awesome confirmation with you. That God knows our hearts! He knows us even if we don't know Him.

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Anonymous said...

im crying...that is beautiful! I LOVE the Lord!!!