Sep 23, 2008

Holy Ghost Power Pack

It is really cool when you know for sure that God just did something in your life. When you can feel Him changing you. When you can see it evident in your actions. God has been doing a lot of preparing...He has been sowing seed for a long time...and now the fruit is starting to ripen.

This is such an interesting time in my life. I always wondered why I was never really great at any one thing, but that I was OK at a lot of different things. I was definitely one of those kids who knew just enough about every subject to be called a "know it all." And because I thought everyone else wanted to know what I knew I took every opportunity to share...that is probably why my sister didn't want to hang out with me when I was a kid. :)

Now I think I understand what God was doing. He has given me a great gift...the "know just enough about everything gift" in order to figure out how to solve a wide variety of problems. It's like he built me to be a troubleshooter. You know like when you are having printer problems and that little menu pops up that says..."try this...did that solve your problem?...if not try this..."

I have been working the troubleshooter/problem solver thing for a while and, by His grace, I have been pretty productive. But's like He has given me the Holy Ghost Power Pack Upgrade. (Am I showing my nerdy side, or what?!) I can feel God enhancing certain areas of my creativity, administrative skills, vision, organizational structure...the list goes on.

God is taking my gambit of weaknesses and replacing them with His strengths. He is sharpening His sword and getting me ready for battle. Who knew He would choose to fight a war with a laptop, a calendar, an itinerary, a menu to feed 30 people and a policy and procedures manual! Take that satan! You are about to get administrated to death! Haha.

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