Sep 15, 2008

Hurricane Relief Pics

I have found the elusive fire wire that connects my cell phone to my computer!! I wanted to share some of the things I saw during the storm and the days following...

Watching the progress of Gustav in the D-Ville sanctuary turned shelter with 200 people.

Pastor Dino on WAFB bringing light to a dark situation!

Mark Younger died of swamp foot. He spent his last hours as the gate keeper at the shelter doors. Just kidding...Mark is still alive but he did have a really bad case of pruney feet.

Michelle, Mary Beth and Lacey...all hangin tough in D-Ville.

After the storm I had the pleasure of returning to D-Ville for a few days to help kick off the relief efforts. This was my little cot...I totally felt like a real live missionary. Then I got sick and had to leave becasue I was puking my guts up every few I said...I felt like a real live missionary. Haha. I am all better now worries.

Entergy working tirelessly to restore power to the D-Ville dream center so we could have power at our Sunday service. It didn't quite work out as we had church powered by a generator and the Holy Spirit. Ya heard?

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