Sep 15, 2008

God's Provision

There are some things we aren't meant to see ahead of time. These are the things that build our faith exponentially. When we stand against all odds, believing against all reason that God will do what He has promised our faith is catapulted into the next level.

I want to SHOUT out a huge praise God has provided yet again! Some of you already know (if you receive the email updates) that God provided the money for the first $2000 installment for Honduras. It happened so fast that I had to take a minute to remember where it all came from. One day I was in D-Ville helping to feed people who couldn't cook in their homes and the next day I was depositing over $700 of babysitting, house cleaning, and odd job money into my account. Adding that to the $950 of donations that came in right after the support letters went out and then about $350 that I had saved in my checking account...and BINGO $2000 in a matter of days.

Please let this be an encouragement to you. If there is something you have been waiting for. If there is something that you have been believing for...whether it is a financial promise, a healing, a reconciliation, or a relative getting saved don't stop believing! Let God grow your faith by standing firm in your beliefs...even if all odds are against you.

Abraham believed that God would give him a son, even when he and his wife were long past the child bearing age. He believed because God said so. And it is even more encouraging to read in the account that Abraham and Sarah messed up - they took matters in their own hands - but God was still faithful.

He is faithful even if we aren't!!!

It is when the flowers of our gardens are pressed and crushed that they release a sweet sweet fragrance. And when the storm winds blow on those already bruised petals that the fragrance is carried across the barren fields to bring hope of spring to others. Let your scent of faith be carried far and wide!

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