Sep 15, 2008

Wordstudy on Catapults

Dr. Martin keeps using the word catapult to describe what God is preparing us for in Rio Viejo. So naturally I have been thinking a lot about the word. I know what a catapult is one of those giant Medieval slingshot things, but I looked up the definition anyway on and here are some that were particular intriguing...

Definition #1: A military machine for hurling missiles, such as large stones or spears, used in ancient and medieval times.

OK humor me for just a minute while I break this down...

I am picturing myself sitting in the bucket part of the catapult...feeling a bit uneasy now. Does being in the bullet holder make me the bullet? I am OK with being in the long as no one goes near that rope that is keeping me from being hurled through the air at an incredibly fast speed only to make a sudden painful contact with the ground...OK I am getting out of the bucket now...very carefully.

Definition #2: To thrust or move quickly or suddenly

Let's think about I really ready to be catapulted? I could see that happening once I get to Honduras. I will have to move pretty fast to keep up with the pace there. I're thinking...Honduras is a Latin country it moves reeeal slooow, but I will tell you that ministry there moves just as fast as ministry here in the States - the only difference is that the rest of the people around you are moving slower than you are, which I can only assume gets frustrating sometimes.

Definition #3: A device that launches aircraft from a warship

By now I realize that this is definately a military type word...hurling things from warships quickly and suddenly. I feel like I am back in the bucket with white knuckels gripping the sides, one eye tightly shut and the other one glued to the rope that is keeping me from experiencing gravity in a whole new way.

Man...who knew one little word could do so much to a person! In the past few days I have had a crash course on Spiritual Authority and Spiritual Warfare. Now here I am, doing a word study on catapults...a war machine. I think God may be preparing me for something...what do you think? So I have decided to shine up my armor, sit calmly in the bucket trusting that if God cuts the rope He knows exactly where I am going to land. How about this...I am even going to enjoy the ride...instead of flailing about in fear and thinking about how much it is going to hurt when I hit the ground...I am going to act like a real bullet and focus on how much damage I am going to do to the Enemy.

So if I have learned anything about catapults, it is that they can be the turning point in a battle. They can help you cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, and they demand reverence on the battlefield. I am glad I am on the winning side...the side with the catapults.

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Unknown said...

That is a great way of thinking. You have such a way with words sis. I love you