Oct 2, 2008

3 is greater than 1

I got an email from Wendy today, and as always I got excited when I saw her name in my inbox. She was telling me about another awesome blessing from the Lord. When I went down to Honduras and saw the dorm being built right in front of the hospital I started praying that it would be finished in November so I could move into the little room on the second floor when I arrived. I was thrilled when Wendy told me that the roof, doors, windows and electrical was complete. I mean...that is no small task when you need all of the money and all of the labor to get the job done. Yay God!!

Then when they decided Allison was going to come as a medical intern we had to rethink the little room on the second floor becasue it would be pretty tight with 2 people bouncing around up there in a 10x12 space. So God opened the door for us to stay in the Williams' 2 bedroom guest house. With a little TLC it would be a great place to stay and only a 5 minute walk from the hospital.

Now there is a third place...a missionary couple has given permission for us to stay in their house which is only 30 feet from the hospital and a bit bigger than the little guest house.

So let's step back and look at how our God provides for His children. I needed one place to stay and He has provided three possibilities! Talk about being bigger than I can ever imagine! I just love Him, love Him, love Him!!

I think I will take Wendy's advice and try out all three while I am down there, haha!

I can't wait!!

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