Oct 1, 2008

Round Two

So the first garage sale was a success!

Have to give a shout out to Tabitha and Mrs. Vicky for letting me use their house for the massive undertaking! On top of that, Tab got up with me at 4am two days in a row to set out the goods.

I have to thank the Perret's too, they let me borrow some tables and I really don't think the day would have been so successful without them!

Oh and if it weren't for Mary Beth and Rachel donating their stuff to the garage sale...I would have had one table with like 20 items on it and made a whopping total of $13.55.

Here's to people being generous with their stuff, and God for providing abundantly!

So here I am ... posting from the metropolis of Livingston, LA where I am having my second garage sale in 1 week.

Am I crazy, you ask? Well, yea.

I am crazy for the Lord and I am doing everything in my power to get where He wants me to be! So if you are praying for me in the next few minutes...pray that God's favor will rest on this garage sale, and that everything will sell so that I don't have to have another one!

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