Nov 11, 2008

The 3 Day Push

There are only 3 days now, between me and Honduran soil!

Sunday night I had the pleasure of seeing some of the greatest people in the world...all at one time...under one roof in Baton Rouge! WOW

It was so special to me to see everyone making connections with eachother. I am all about relationships and that just warmed my heart! It was like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon except I was the common denomanator...weird!

I was like a little kid right before her birthday party going..."what if no one comes" and boy was I wrong! People came from all over the place...baton rouge, walker, livingston, st. francisville. It was so special!

Tonight I am cooking dinner for my family. My special salmon. I haven't made it in over a year...say a prayer that I remember how! I will have to clear the cobwebs from that part of my brain.

Well I better go put on my chef's hat...hungry people will be arriving soon!

Bug hugs to everyone!!

This has been one of the best days of my life! Wow, to think that there are better days ahead...well that just makes me cry.

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showstopper said...

so so excited for you...praying for you!!! love you!!!