Nov 13, 2008

The Last Supper

Tonight I am having a last supper so to speak with my family.

Yo tengo emocionales encontradas...It's the spanish way of saying this is bittersweet.

I have never had my heart divided between two worlds before so this is new territory and I haven't even left the States yet. But even though my feelings are divided they are united the cause of Christ.

These past few days have just been so wonderful. God has shown up all over the place to comfort me and encourage me and love me...through His people, through HPC and through His word.

So tomorrow morning I will board a plane in New Orleans at 6:30am and touchdown in San Pedro Sula around noon. Then we will hop on a mini plane and fly to La Ceiba, where we will meet Martin and Wendy and make the treck up the mountain.

Please pray for safe travels...easy going though customs and security and of course...that all 6 pieces of luggage (3 for me and 3 for Allison) make it to La Ceiba when we do. I can feel the prayer in the atmosphere. I know you guys are pulling for us. I can feel the protection of the Lord.

Well I guess I better go join the festivities and spend my last hours loving on my family.

I love you guys too! Thank you for your overwhelming support and your obedience to God. You are so special to me!


Anonymous said...

def. just said a prayer and will pray for you along the way. it's been a while and i wish i could have said hey to you at church before you left. have a safe journey... and you know God'll be with you!!

Anonymous said...

i just said a prayer for you and will continue to pray. i wish i had gotten the chance to speak with you before you left, so sorry i missed you! you know God'll be with you on this trip and have a safe journey!

Heather Stewart said...

Thanks Laura! I can really feel all of the prayers right now. This has already been an amazing adventure and it really hasn't even started yet!

DayVee said...

I've been kind of a lurker here on your blog. It's been a joy to follow your journey of surrender and sacrifice as you follow God's call on your life. I will continue to pray that your heart will continue to be tender to His promptings and your ears will always be tuned to hear His voice. I hope you will have opportunities to post once in a while so we can know how you are doing and of any specific prayer needs you encounter in your ministry.