Nov 26, 2008

Bonita Casita

Here is a pic of our Casita! Sorry for the big rain drops in the corner but the sun hasn't been out for a while :) Allison and I took this picture on the way to clinic one morning. It is still dark around 7 am here because the rain clouds are so thick.
We have a little courtyard, front porch, a coconut tree, and a mystery fruit tree in the front yard. We have about 15 roosters that live behind my bedroom and they all try and prove who has the loudest crow at 4:30am sharp. There are also a bunch of dogs, some of which got into our trash yesterday...yuck!
We like our little casa and are enjoying our time there. We aren't going to let the roosters and bugs drive us out!


showstopper said...

Cannot wait to visit you casa...2010!! :-)

Heather Stewart said...

That's right Zin, World Tour 2010! You gotta make a stop is absolutely breathtaking...and I am here of course :) Bonus!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I love you Heather. your flyer is one of three things on my room by my bed, I pray for you often. I love you!