Nov 30, 2008

Lessons Learned

"Unless a house is built by the Lord, the work of the laborers is wasted." - Psalm 127:1a

Last night I was reading in The Heavenly Man again. In fact I gorged myself of the book. I devoured the pages, I was hungry for dedication like Brother Yun had. I was desperate to have the same zeal, the same passion, and the same commitment.

He wrote, I was burned out in the ministry. I had been working out of my own strength for too long. I let my pride get in the way of obedience to the Lord. So God graciously allowed me to be improsioned so I could rest in Him alone. (paraphrased)

I am sure we have all experienced the burn out. When we let the work of the Lord replace the love of the Lord. Our service to Him can become an idol in our lives...we can live to serve instead of living for God. Brother Yun actually went to prison because he didin't listen to the warnings of the Lord. God had been speaking to him, calling him to repent and in his pride, Yun refused. After his second arrest and "welcome" session of torture, he repented on his knees before God. He cried out for forgivness and rededicated himself to God.

Before I continue with this post, I want you to know that I am not where Brother Yun was. I am not lost in the ministry, but I think God is teaching me. He is preparing me for what lies around the corner, and I want to listen.

I have never actually been in prison, but I have over extended myself in ministry so much that I was unable to serve with excellence and love. I have been in a place where my service was out of obligation or worse...under the guise of serving outhers I was really serving myself and feeding my pride.

I want to learn from Brother Yun. I want to listen to what God is trying to teach me about His back to Psalm 127:1 "Unless a house is built by the Lord, the work of the laborers is wasted." I want the Lord to work through me. I don't want my time here in Honduras to be wasted.

I want to be obey.
I want to listen.
I want to serve with a pure heart.

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