Nov 15, 2008

Late Night Email

I tried to send all of you an email the night before I left Honduras but for some reason my email wasn't letting me send it out. So I figured I would do the next best thing and post the email on the here goes...

So it is 1am...I leave for Honduras in 5 hours. I just had to send a quick note to everyone before I make the big jump. The past few days have been filled with peace and the joy of the Lord. There has been some sadness, saying goodbye to family that loves you like crazy is a bit difficult. However, the excitement and anticipation has won out.
Tomorrow I will get to wittness the first miracle of the journey as ALL of my luggage arrives in the La Ceiba the same time I do. It's like a modern day splitting of the Red Sea.
Well next time you hear from me I will be typing from Rio Viejo! How awesome is that?!
I love you all. I know there are so many of you that I didn't get to see before I left. There are so many of you that I didn't get to talk to but I love you all! These past 2 weeks have just flown by and I just couldn't seem to make all of the connections I wanted to. just know that you are always in my prayers and I can't wait to make my first blog from Honduras!

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Anonymous said...

This is so exciting!! And that plane, with the window open, sounds....CRAZY!! YIKES!
Keep the posts coming!
Love you~
I think I have to post anonymous, cuz I can't remember my password right now! HA SORRY!