Nov 15, 2008

Miracles Abounding!

So we have made it!! This is officially my first blog from Rio Viejo!

The weather is beautiful...the roads are dry...and we have internet!!!!!!

The Lord has been showing Himself to us all ready. He delivered us and our 6 bags to La Ceiba safely and Dr. Martin picked us up from the airport. Our first Honduran meal was at Quizno's where Allison and I split a veggie sandwich.

We made the trek up the mountain. To find our little house clean and ready for us to move in!

But the best thing of all...We have internet in the living room of the hospital! No more fighting bugs for a signal! WOW...the Williams family is dancing around right now!

The first major leap forward in our strategy to increase communication in the mountain cove.

Praise God!

Thank you for all of your prayers! We got stuck in San Pedro Sula for a couple of hours trying to make a connecting flight to Ceiba. But my mom called Dr. Martin and we got it all worked out. My mom is the greatest!

We boarded on the 2nd smallest plane I have ever been on...I could literally touch the pilot...and he opened the windows in the front to give us some air flow. haha, it was awesome!

We got moved into the house...I will show you some video later when I have a chance to upload it all.

We had our first staff meeting this morning and we are ready to rock on Monday.

Got to go to a graduation at the school across the street so I will post again later!!!

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