Nov 1, 2008

Let Your Light Shine

I got to spend some much needed time with some of my closest friends last night! We made little candy bags for the kids in the neighborhood from the J-Team. The J-Team is a group of 9 ordinary people with 9 extraordinary gifts...they are like Fruit of the Spirit Super Heros! Mrs. Vicky made little salvation tracts with the J-Team characters and we put them in the candy bags with a HPC card and some little toys.

So we kept our light on for the Trick or Treaters and maybe shined the love of Jesus into some dark households.

Here are a few picks of us hanging out. I was so excited to see everyone!

Mary Beth - watching the Hulk and writing a systematic theology paper that was due at midnight! Oh, the life of an intern!

ATM meets the Westside! KP, Erin and Me doing it gnome style!

This one is just too hard to explain. Kelly, you make me smile!


Kelly Pitts said...

Wow thanks for putting that incredibly embarassing picture of me up! :)I owe you one!

Heather Stewart said...

I love that pic Kelly! It really does make me smile! You look like a little gnome and it makes me happy!