Jan 8, 2009

Copan Part III: Amazing Motorcycle Taxi Race

Caution...Cuidado...if you have motion sickness make sure you are firmly grounded before watching this video!

While in Copan we visited the free children's museum to learn about the Mayan Ruins...mostly because it was free. In order to get there we decided to take motorcycle taxis for .50 cents a person. The race was on! We all jumped in and took off up the giant hill where the museum was located.

We were victorious of course, arriving at least 15 seconds before anyone else. The Williams taxi was overloaded so some of them had to get out and walk up the hill...I'm not sure the Sam's taxi driver knew we were in a race because we left him in our dust.

We felt like we were on the Amazing Race! It was so cool. I thought I'd share our victory pass with you!

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Anonymous said...

wooohooo! video! love it.