Jan 8, 2009

Video Tour of the Nuevo Casa

I feel like I hit the jackpot!! I have an internet signal speed of 11 mbps, and I am actually uploading video...shut up, right! It's true! 

So I quickly took a little video of the new house...it is a little messy because this video shoot was definitely not planned for, but I didn't want to waste such a great signal! Wendy, Allison and I have worked tirelessly to get this place in good shape. We have scrubbed and painted and moved and remodeled and now we are finally at the "work on it a few hours a week" stage. 

This has been a really cool project though, the house will be used by HHIM to house interns, teams and anyone else who comes our way for the next year. It has gone from something really scarry to something beautiful...and really better than I ever imagined! I would never have thought I would live in a place this nice here in Honduras. I have to give props to Wendy for making this happen. She is amazing!

Please forgive my crazy hair too...it is 10:48pm...and I don't normally look like a fro-headed crazy person...but all in the name of getting video on the blog! 

So sit back and enjoy... Honduras Cribs ... straight from the village!


Anonymous said...

Girl!!! I love it..
Praying for you!
Raquel DeLuna

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Heather Stewart said...

Thanks Raquel!

We still have some finisheing work to do...Allison's family is coming in town (that's why we have so much food in the fridge). They are going to help us make curtains, put in switch plates and weather stripping to help keep the bugs out.

It is an awesome place and I am so thrilled to be here!

Anonymous said...

now THAT's what i call a missionary video - very cool to have a picture in mind of where you're at when we pray for you. worth the time it took you to upload it. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the security system, I will just be praying for that Holy Ghost security system! Holla Heather!

Heather Stewart said...

Yeah...you gotta love the old chair under the door trick! You guys should see the house now. Allison´s family came down for 3 days and worked so hard to put the finishing touches on the place. We even have custom handmade drapes! haha...they were such a blessing!