Dec 17, 2008

Internet Connectivity

Our internet has been out for a week in Rio Viejo. We lost our satalite signal after a heavy rain, that caused 4 mudslides on our mountain road, and have not gotten it back. We are all having withdrawls now and the work is piling up.

We have invaded the local internet cafe in La Ceiba, but that never quite gives us enough time to answer all of the emails, make all of the phone calls and stay connected like we want to. So please pray that the internet in la cuenca (the mountain cove) would be returned!

Prayer is a powerful weapon and I believe that God will hear us if we cry out together. Bind the enemy and get him off of our satelite!


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

yay for the internet! yay for the new name, I can totally hear the kids screaming it out as they mold into your new shadow. haha. it snowed in new orleans, I posted a few pics on my blog if you get a chance to check it out.

feliz navidad!!!!
- tu prima, Laura.

Kelly Pitts said...

Hey! I was gonna set up an account with twitter but i can't think of a good twitter username. Any thoughts? :)