Dec 17, 2008

Nuevo Nombre guys are getting pretty good at reading Spanish...I have a new name!

It seems that the Honduran people are having a hear time pronouncing my name...the culprit is the "th" in the middle...they just can´t do it! The kids end up calling me "Helen" which sounds a little like a bunch of little Asian birds chirping at my heels, haha.

The adults on the other hand...just call me "la otra muchacha" (the other girl). Dr. Martin wouldn´t have hi intern being refered to at the "other girl" so he gave me a new name... Lila.

That's all the little kids can run around calling me Lila, after my middle name - Leigh. No more "Allison y la otra muchacha", "y otra gringa" or worse "Helen" I have a new name!

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