Dec 14, 2008

Long Lost Heather

Hey Everyone...We have had a bit of an internet crisis here the past few days. Whil Baton Rouge was experiencing record snow we have been getting pelted with rain. Our internet satalite has been knocked out so I am posting from an internet cafe in La Ceiba.

If is so funny how attached to the internet I am. It has only been 3 days but I feel like I am totally cut off from the outside world! Haha...projects are on hold, I can´t return emails... such is life in Honduras.

We have still been spite of the conditions. The break from computer work has given us some time to work on the house Allison and I are moving in to. We spent all day scrubbing, sweeping, decobwebbing, more scrubbing, more scrubbing and more scrubbing! The cement workers are finished rebuilding the wall that was falling down and sealing all of the cracks. They laid tile in the kitchen for us and built a serving area-kitchen storage area for us. So onve they were finished the women moved in with a vengance and reclaimed the house from the termites, dust bunnies and well...just plain BUGS! Hopefully we will be able to move in this week...after we paint!

So I appologize to all you of who have emails in my inbox and are waiting for replies! I will try my best to reply and or call you asap!

I love you guys and I am so thankful for your prayers and comments! Hopefully we will lhave internet in Rio Viejo tonight!!!

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