Dec 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am feeling like a stuffed pig right now...which is kind of dangerous, since they kill pigs around here for Christmas dinner. haha 

Today has been a great day. All of the missionaries on the mountain came together to celebrate the birt of Jesus. That's right...Jesus. It wasn't about the food (although there was pleanty). It wasn't about the gifts (but we did that too). 

It was about Jesus. 

It was about His love for us. 

It was about His love for others. 

I am so thankful, I am having a hard time finding the right words. Tonight I received the best gift possible...the gift of knowing I am right where I should be. This is going to sound silly...but I got a strawberry cream cheese fruit salad. 

You may be wondering what that has to do with let me explain. Ever since I can remember, my grandmother has made a strawberry cream cheese fruit salad for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every year the recipe is lost again until the holidays. We search all the places it should be...look in the places it shouldn't and then finally find the recipe in that "safe" place where all lost things usually are. Then we take our time blending all of the ingredients until they form they best tasting thing you have ever put in your mouth. 

Well guess what the Lord did for me...He had someone eles make that very salad in Honduras. She makes it every year because her grandmother made it every year! Ha! Can you believe that! Sometimes the Lord speaks in the small things, and sometimes He speaks through food...which is my favorite way. I am so grateful for His love. I am so thankful for new friends and even though I miss my family, I am in the Lord's hands. And believe me...they are very big.

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Anonymous said...

that is the best gift...that's also a great gift to give Him....totally relying on Him and giving Him control. Merry Christmas!

kristin stutes...