Dec 22, 2008


There are two seasons here in Honduras. The wet season and the dry season. I am in the wet season now...God is pouring out His love and His spirit is guiding me into a deeper relationship.  I believe God is giving me this opportunity to store up His precious living water for the dusty dry season ahead. 

It is out of character for me to not be busy all of the time. I want to pour out. I want to water the ground around me and plant seed, but now is not the time. The dry season is coming and if I pour out everything He has given me now, I will have nothing left to give the people when they are thirsty.

I am craving more interaction with the local people here. I dream about the kids and laughing and playing with them...loving them. I cherish the opportunities at clinic when I get to minister to someone by showing interest in their life. The smallest things make the biggest difference. 

So many times we want to get ahead of God's plan. We see a glimer of the future in our heart and we want it right now, but if we jump ahead God's plan will not be fully developed. I see the teams coming in a few months. I can imagine the lives that will be changed and I can almost taste God's victory, but it is not for me...and it is not for now. 

So I will be obedient. I will wait. I will soak up the Word like a sponge. I will work and pray and prepare for the future so that I will be ready to pour out everything that the Lord has planted in my heart. I am praying for patience. I am praying for infilling. I am praying for leadership and excellence. Will you pray with me?

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