Jan 26, 2009

Bella...The New Addition

I know you read about the close call Bertha, my 6 year old laptop, had with being sent to laptop heaven. Her near death experience has had me worrying about her health and reliability ever since the fateful night the "blue screen of death" flashed in front of my eyes.

When she crashed I was so worried that I would lose all of the work, 2 months worth, that I had been pouring myself into. I started looking into replacements for her...although it was kind of sad. I was quickly disappointed when I saw the prices of equivalent machines...Bertha was way ahead of her time! There was no way I was going to be able to spend $1500 on a new puter even if I really needed one.

I was sooo thankful when Chris was able to fix her, but I was still concerned that she would relapse...and what if...she couldn't recover?

It was just too much for me to handle.

I have learned something this week...if it is important to us, then it is important to God (thanks Jane)... Psalm 37:23 "The steps of the Godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail of their lives."

I am typing this blog on Bella, the newest addition to my life. She is a brand new Toshiba Satellite...and I got her for cheap! Cheap, I tell you! She is the new Bertha...she is still large and in charge...but she is much more stylish, and quite modern.

Don't worry, there is still a place for Bertha in my heart and in my work. She will be used every day for the team calendars and creating Publisher documents (cause Microsoft Office is not cheap). She also has a new job in the clinic as the inventory computer and patient database.

But oh man is Bella beautiful! She has a web cam!!!! I can skype now...yay! She has a great processor, tons of memory and 4 gigs of ram! I can even work on her uplugged! It's true, it's true!


leah said...

Heather, I have been reading your blog and am terrible because I never comment. And i know how much you love comments, so here one is!
I am loving all your posts and the passion you have for your work in Honduras, its absolutely splendid. God is so faithful and it is such an encouragement to keep up with this adventure you are on!


Anonymous said...

YAY! excited to hear you got a new computer. Mine has a webcam too! Now to only figure out skype...hmm

Heather Stewart said...

woohoo comments!!!!!

Kelly Pitts said...

Thats awesome! So how does the webcam work have you figured that out yet? Cause I have one too and that would be so awesome if we could talk to eachother on webcam! :)