Jan 29, 2009

On The Road Again....

So it is 4:11am in Florida...Wendy and I are packing our bags to head back home to Hondi. This has been an amazing trip. We have worked hard and played hard and we have loved every minute of it...ok maybe we didn't love spending 12 hours on accounting work, but that had to be done. 

Anyway...I would like to give you a glimpse into the life of a missionary. There is always the dilema of suit case space. You never have enough. Trying to cram 6 months of stuff into 4 suitcases and say within your 50/bag allotment is nothing short of a miracle. 

I think we need some help here from the Almighty. Just look at what we are dealing with...

Ok so we need some major prayers...we have way too much stuff, plus some prescription meds (that I don't know how I am going to get through customs). Right now Wendy and I are trying to decide how many layers of clothes we can wear without raising suspicion.

Well I know you guys will be lifting us up, and that makes all the difference. I have to pack up Bella for the ride home now...so I won't be able to write again until we get there. First thing Sunday morning...if we have internet I will send you a blog.

Thanks so much!! Love you guys!

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