Jan 29, 2009

Ariport Travel

wendy, Karen and me

So the Lord is working on our behalf. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Not only did everything fit in our bags but they are all under 50lbs! Yay God!

I amlost got stopped at the ticket counter becasue my return ticket is not until Sept 14 (which is more than 90 days away) but the Lord gave us favor again and the management of Spirit Air let me through! Yessss!

So we stayed up all night...caught 4 hours of sleep on the train to Ft. Lauderdale and were picked up at the train station by Karen...she is such a sweet heart. She made us this awesome dinner and we got to see her house. We laughed and ate and hung out until she brought us to the airport to catch the plane. 

I am waiting to board now...and blogging for them airport...this is soooo cool!

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