Feb 25, 2009

Here we go....

OK I feel like I am driving a 4 calendar when I need a Porsh or something. Talk about shifting into high gear. 

TEAMS are upon us!!!
(picture me screaming this as I run around with my arms flailing above my head)

Man, do I need some heavy duty prayer for the next 6 months of my life. Anyone up for the challenge? haha I am so very excited about teams but I am nervous and a bit anxious as well. I am trying to remain calm...breathe...breathe.

We had a staff meeting last night to touch base before we begin with the Canadian group tomorrow. We had a lot to talk about, for sure...but by the end of the meeting I think we all felt a little better. I know God is sending these people. I know that we have done everything possible to plan for them...so now I just have to give it up. 

I am back in the bucket of the catapult, but hey - I remember being here once before. I don't want to be a forgetful Israelite! So I am suiting up...getting prayed up...and I am ready to fly! We are gonna do a good work here and I know that I can do it with you behind me. 

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