Feb 19, 2009

Scorpion Found...and Dispatched

So today Claire found our scorpion friend. 

We are trying out a concrete sealer in our house before we use the product in the dorm...cause we want to make sure it works like it says it does before we paint the whole floor in the dorm. Anyway, Claire had to clean out her room because it has a concrete floor, and I think that the scorpion was lurking somewhere in there...behind a table, or in some dirty clothes. 

All I know is that when I got back from teaching class this morning, I found all of Claire's stuff in the hallway, the broom in the shower with bits of scorpion body all over the shower floor. 

The broom is definitely the weapon of choice when battling larger bugs...it has a long handle, the bristles inflict the most amount of damage, and you don't have to be extremely accurate with your aim. 

So one scorpion down...who knows how many to go.

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showstopper said...

That's a great story! :-) I hate all kinds of things that have more than 4 legs!!! :-) Saw a rat in our roof the other day, I think I 'll sleep with a broom nearby from now on!!! :-)