Feb 8, 2009

Whew...Take a Deep Breath!

We have been running like crazy preparing for the group that is coming...well today, in about 6 hours! We have painted, cleaned, and put everything in place...from the kitchen appliances to the hand soap in the bathrooms. We have table cloths, chairs, garbage cans, sheets and pillows...but we are still missing one important piece of the picture....BEDS!

Yep that's right. You know that saying, "This is Africa (TIA)"...well WTH, baby..."Welcome to Honduras!" Despite the numerous hours of planning that goes into hosting a team it seems that we are always barely crossing the finish line on time. 

Last night we bought groceries (6 buggies worth) for the group and we were the last ones in the store. We picked up the mattress for the beds-we-don't-have, after the store was already closed. We bought tables and chairs and everything plastic last night and put everything together with little time to spare. 

So now, with a group of 16 people arriving in 6 hours we are still waiting on the carpenter to deliver our 10 sets of bunk beds. He was supposed to come on Feb 5th...and here it is the 7th and still no beds. WTH, baby! 

All of this commotion does make for a pretty interesting work day. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I am actually getting to see, and take part in, the physical manifestation of God's commitment to the people of Honduras. This building is built to last, and it will be the home base of outreach here in the mountains. 13 teams will come through those doors. 13 groups of people will be changed forever as they see God work on the mission field. 

Who knows how many people will receive the call to missions, how many lives will be touched, how many people will receive healing. WOW...this is really happening! Today has definitely been one of those constant prayer days...I have barely had time to use the bathroom, but I have been talking to God all day long. Thanking Him for the opportunity to be here and asking for His help to make this the best experience yet. 

Pray for me. Pray for the HHIM team and the visiting group from Life Church International in Atlanta, GA. We have a full week ahead - painting the hospital, visiting 3 schools and teaching ~750 kids about hygiene, first aid and the love of Christ, visiting local churches and showing the team what it is like to live in La Cuenca Cangrejal. Oh and yes, I am still a 7th grade English teacher in the midst of all of this...so I better go plan my week of classes, while I have time!


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