Feb 5, 2009

Late Night Painting

I had a bit of a HPSM flash back last night...we painted the dorm until ~3am. I kept thinking about all of the late nights setting up for events...stuffing pink tissue paper into gift bags... studying all night long for a test or writing hermeneutics papers until dawn. 

We are getting ready for our first groups...which comes in 2 short days! As I was painting my little heart out, I got smoked by the Lord. Well, convicted I guess. There is something special about talking to the Lord in the middle of the night, or morning. Things are a bit more clear.

He checked my motives. Was I painting for the group? For the Williams? Or for Him? 

Ouch. You know I have the approval seeker syndrome so I really had to evaluate and check my heart. Turns out I was painting for someone and it wasn't the Lord. Not that pleasing people is a bad thing, but it should be a secondary thing...a bonus...a lagniappe. So I repented and then I started painting for Him. 

I started praying for all of the people who would come through the dorm, sleep in those rooms and eat at those tables. I prayed for all of the devotions and meetings that would happen in the dining foom and all of the late night, Holy Spirit  conversations that would take place.

I am so excited about this new season...the season of sowing seed. I just have to remember to stay true to the Lord, and make sure I am doing it all for Him. 


Anonymous said...

Don't we all.... love your heart!

Kristie G. said...

Just wanted you to know I really enjoy your high points. Painting in the wee hours of the morning is AWESOME~add worship music!!! There have been times I've been painting and I have to put the roller down to give Jesus my "all". I pray your light will shine for all those that you come in contact with on this journey! Keep up the good job!
Kristie S. Gordon