Mar 26, 2009

My Address and Mailing Tips

I just wanted to post my mailing address on the blog with a few tips for sending items. I do love getting mail down is really special to get a letter or a small package from so far away! Don't get me wrong I LOVE emails and blog comments too, but there is something different about holding a letter in your hand.

My address is:

Heather Stewart
C/O Martin or Wendy Williams
APO 354 
La Ceiba, Honduras
Central America

A few tips on the sending:
  • Letters and puffy envelopes are best as boxes tend to invite the curious minds to pry inside.
  • It is very expensive to ship boxes to La Ceiba so make sure you ask your post master how much it is going to cost before you start filling up a box...most of them are charged by the pound.
  • If you do want to send something that won't fit in a big envelops I recommend using Rapid Cargo, is very reliable and inexpensive. It is a Honduran run company that charges ~1.25 per pound to ship. They service the South East USA. If you are interested let me know and I will send you their phone number and other shipping information.
  • Please do NOT send cash, if you want to send a donation please go though Go Global or send the check to my mom and she will deposit it into my bank account. (Just shoot me an email and I will hook you up with the address.)

  • How long will it take to arrive? --> Letters: about 2 weeks, Boxes: 6-8 weeks.
  • Why do boxes take so long? --> The US Post Office waits until the ocean liner bound for Honduras is full so sometimes it takes a very long time to receive a package.
  • How will I know if it ever got there? --> I will be sure to send you an email letting you know it arrived safely! (If you have sent something in the past and haven't received an email, it means that I haven't received it yet.)
I am sure there are tons of things I am forgetting but this will give us a good start. I am so excited about the items that are already on their way here! I pray that God keeps them safe and they arrive quickly!

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