Mar 10, 2009


You know how weird it sounds when you hear yourself on the answering machine? Well now just imagine hearing yourself on the answering machine while speaking a different language! Double weird!

Here is a video of me "teaching" (I use that word loosely) a class on hand washing for a school in Uracco. This village is about 20km farther up the mountain from Rio Viejo. We are implementing programs to reach our goal of visiting all of the 31 schools in the area 3 times a year to keep the children covered by antiparasitic medications.

We took the Canadians to this school and had them teach part of the program! It was really cool to watch them play Simon Says (Simon Dice) in Spanish and yell out all the names of body parts for the game.

Now if you do speak Spanish you will probably laugh out loud when you hear me...because I use the right words but they are in the wrong form and in the wrong order all the time. My friends here love to hear me speak Spanish because I am all in all the time but I am also all wrong all the time. haha

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Anonymous said...

THERE'S MY GIRL!!! So cool to see it all. Imagine me speaking GERMAN! ha!