Mar 9, 2009

Dorm Picks

Tonight we had a the BCC team cutting pounds of carrots, onions, celery and snapping green beans for chicken and rice!

The dorm is deifnately multipurpouse...we use the dining room for all sorts of things. Here a team from Georgia is cutting pills for the pharmacy.

Applicance delivery! Wendy and I bought all the appliances for the dorm the day we got back from our trip to the states! We had a few hours to spare in San Pedro Sula so we made every minute count and outfitted the dorm with appliances! Claire and I showcasing the chest freezer.

The dorm dining room right before the first team. We can feed about 25 people here at a time.

Duct-taping table cloths to our new plastic tables! 

Allison and I before the first group...making up the bunk beds for the first time!

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