Apr 8, 2009


That's right...tomorrow morning Allison, Claire and her brother Daniel, and I are heading to Copan with the entire Canadian bunch! We have been looking forward to this trip for weeks now and it has finally arrived. 

The bus will arrive at 6am tomorrow to pick us up and take us on the 7 hour drive across the Honduran countryside all the way to Copan, which is on the Honduras-Guatemala border. The kids are in for a 3 day tour of some of the oldest buildings in Honduras and by far one of the most spectacular displays of Mayan architecture

So please pray for our safety on the road and in the city of Copan. And pray that God will speak to the hearts and minds of all who are on this trip. The ruins are a piece of history, but they were also a place of sacrifice and idolatry. I will be praying for a thick spiritual covering for all of us. I don't want anyone to come away confused. 

This also means that the Canadians have less than 2 weeks left here in Honduras. Wow. I can't believe the time has passed this quickly. It seems like it was just yesterday that Wendy and I were up late planning their 2 month cultural experience, and now it is almost over. 

I will be pressing in for them big time as they near the end of their time. I know there must be a 1000 different things going on in their minds right now. They are are here but thinking about home and when they get home they will be thinking about here. I pray that their transition back to home life is smooth and that they will continue to be fully present for the last part of their stay.

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