May 18, 2009


So we are definitely getting ready for the upcoming groups! We have 9 groups on the books for the next 4 the math...that means we have like 4 days off the whole summer! ha ha, yes I think we are a little crazy!

But you know...God's hand is moving! He is all over this!

Last night as we were painting the second floor bedrooms (which need to be finished in like 3 days) I was praying for the dorm, the ministry and all of the people that would be coming through the dorm this year. God really spoke to me through the work. 

Somethings move when you have the can cover a lot of ground quickly. It looks effortless when you are watching someone roll the paint on the wall, but when you pick up the roller you realize how much pressure you have to put on the brush and how careful you have to be to keep it from getting all over the floor. Then there are areas where you have to use the brush...and the trim takes FOREVER! You can't cover a lot of ground at one time but it looks unfinished and messy if you don't do the trim.  

Sometimes we have periods of rapid spiritual growth, where the people around us can really see a difference in our lives. Then other times it slows down and we are polished and refined, and only those who are close to us can see the changes. I want to remember this about my walk and about those around me too. 

It's not about instant is about fruit that remains. I pray that all of you will see fruit in your lives. I pray that you will stay close to you are balancing on the top step of the ladder on your tippy toes painting trim kind of close...put yourself out there. Risk Him unconditionally, and see what happens! He won't let you down!

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