May 12, 2009

Short Seasons

I realized something this week...I have a few boundary problems. Not the capital B kind, but they get in my way nonetheless. I tend to keep people at bay, I watch their character before I confide or before I really let them into my life.

For a while I think this was OK, but now what I am realizing is that I am about to enter into a season where people are going to come into my life and leave a lot quicker than I am used to. So I am going to have to decide whether or not I invest in them or let them invest in me during their short stay in Honduras. 

Claire has gone home, and Allison is leaving this weekend. Now I am expecting 2 new roommates to arrive within the next few weeks and we will play this game all over again. Whitney is coming to help at the school for the summer and Rani is coming to be our new nurse at the clinic for a year. 

As the Lord brings new people here to serve I want to be open to build relationships with them and not keep them at bay until the end. I need the Lord to teach me to open up and invest even if I don't have a lot of time. So I guess I need some help, right? 

If you want to pray, pray that I would listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit when it comes to relationships. That I would rely on His guidance and timing and that I would hear Him so well that my relationships would bear fruit even in the short seasons. Thank you all so much. 

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