May 28, 2009

Earthquake in Honduras

Hey guys, it is 4:04am in Honduras and we just experienced a 7.1 scale earthquake. I wanted to let you all know that everything is good here in the cuenca. Please pray for us and all of Honduras during this time. We are still waiting for news reports to fill us in on what is happening in the rest of the country and in the surrounding areas. 

Just a quick praise on the sovereignty of God. Last night we had a painting party in the dorm so I decided to sleep over with my HPC friends. Our dorm in by far the strongest building in the village, so God moved me and my roommate out of harms way. Our house is fine, as is the dorm and the hospital...praise God!

We definitely felt the quake in Rio Viejo. Some of us slept though it...Mary Beth...and some people woke up and asked me what was happening. Apparently I answered them in my sleep and told them it was only a strong wind and there was nothing to worry about...haha. We all had a good laugh in the dining room of the dorm at about 3:45am, as my bunk mates recounted the story.

Please be in prayer for the medical and cooking part of our team, who traveled to the village ofLas Minas yesterday morning. They don't have anyway of communicating with us to know that we are ok, and we can't check on them either. Please pray for their peace of mind, that their faith would be increased that God would be glorified in all of this. 

As always we trust in God for protection and we praise Him for keeping us safe. Stand with us in prayer for our friends and family in Las Minas, as they prepare for their medical brigade tomorrow. They may be preparing food and seeing patients for people who are in greater need than we anticipated. 


Bronlyn said...

hey Heather I just read about the quake and wanted to make sure that you are ok!! We're glad you are safe...we'll be praying for yall. We have intercessory prayer on Tuesday nights so let me know if you have any specific needs!

Aaron Williams said...

OH THANK GOODNESS!!!! I was def. worried!!!

Kelly Pitts said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys are o.k. :) Love ya!