May 31, 2009

HPC Shakedown

The clinic the bay before the brigade.

Michelle, Kelly and Blair preping meds.

Michelle, Mary Beth, Kelly, Charie and I.

Elida is now a Cooking for Christ member!

Maci chased Mark up a tree.

The interns hiking to the coolest swimming hole ever.

So, I have been shaken to my core. I have been challenged more this week alone than I have been in my life, but I have also been loved beyond reason and encouraged to continue my obedience to the Lord. 

There are so many feelings in my heart. There are so many things I wish I could share, so many things I wish I could explain...but they are all jumbled up in my heart and my mind and I can't get them to come out of my mouth in the right way. 

God is working on me. He is pressing me. He is shaking me. 

The earthquake this week is so symbolic of my walk with God right now. I am shaken up. Shaken in a good way...the way that brings people together. 

I won't lie. I feel a bit empty now that everyone is gone. I was blessed with so many friends in one week, so many miracles, so much progress on the building, and a natural disaster. Now they are all gone and we have another group. 

I don't want this group to get any less of me. 

But I am still looking for Bro. Larry in the kitchen. I still expect to see Mary Beth and the crew upstairs painting. And I expect to pass Mark and the guys on my walk home and hear them joking on their lunch break. 

I know I will see them again...hopefully sooner rather than later. I didn't realize how much I loved them all. I feel sad. I miss their expectant prayers and their challenging devotions. I miss their passion and their joy. 

They accomplished so much in the natural and so much more in the spiritual, and I am praying for them like crazy, not to forget their time here. I hope they are praying for me because I miss them so much. 

I guess I didn't realize it would hurt like this. I am leaning hard on the Lord today. I am trying to let Him comfort me. I am trying to let Him be my everything. 

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