May 7, 2009

It's Inevitable

With the help of Wendy, I have realized that I now speak 3 languages. I speak English, and Spanish and the English in a Spanish accent. Let me explain. 

Driving down the road I see a Burger King sign for a new special, it reads, "Chicken Crisp con queso y tocina." I giggled and told Wendy that I love when the North American restautants do a combo of English and Spanish.

She said, yes but you wouldn't pronounce it the same a "Chicken Crisp" is not the same thing as a "Cheekin Crreesp." I busted out laughing, cause I knew it was true. 

I notice that I speak this third language when I am teaching my students. I speak English with a Spanish accent and they seem to understand it better. I also change my intonation...I sort of sing it. Spanish is very sing-songy, so I speak English with a Spanish accent in a Spanish intonation. 

I think I will be ruined, from now on. So be prepared...I am forgetting how to spell things, I am forgetting how to pronounce things, and I am forgetting words I don't use very often.

Oh yeah, I have to add in my fourth language...Louisianian...a mix of the country twang, and the ghetto flare with a sprinkle of creole spice for good measure. about a mouthful!

So stay tuned, with 4 languages coming out of 1 brain I am bound to invent some new words while I am here. 

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Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

geez... spanish, english, spanglish & cajun! who knew I had such a brilliant cousin! xoxo. always in my thoughts and prayers - big on ethiopian and indian blogs right now and always think of you when I hear these great mission stories.