May 3, 2009

Home, Again?

It would seem that I am home again. 

Or maybe I have more than one home.

What if my definition of home is changing. 

Home is no longer bound to a place, or to people either, but bound to the call of the Lord. I did not come to Honduras because of the need here...there are needs everywhere. I did not come to Honduras because of my skill-set...pleanty of people can do what I do. I didn't even come here because I thought it would be fun...even though it is.

I came to Honduras because God asked me to. 

Simple, right?

I am at home, when I am where God wants me to be. 

Going to Louisiana last week was an incredible blessing. I was able to see family and friends, and see God work in new ways. I am refreshed. I have renewed perspective. I have dreams and ideas of how to fulfill them. 

I have a front row seat...well, actually it is even better than that...I get to be a part of something incredible, something new, something the Lord is doing. 

Thank you, Lord. For reminding me that you are the reason I am here. You are the reason I do anything at all. Thank you for your provision and your protection. Thank you for your grace and your mercy. 

Gracias por todo.

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