Jun 6, 2009

Hope in their Eyes

So Jose and his mom came to the clinic last week. We were able to take his measurements for a special wheelchair that is being custom made for him. Pretty soon he is going to have some sweet wheels!

Our first meeting...March 2009.

I can't wait to see him riding in style, and I can't wait to see his mom pushing him instead of carrying him.

They are both looking better and better every time they come to the clinic. She was so proud this week because she came before Jose ran out of medicine instead of waiting until he was already out of pills.

May 2009 at the clinic.

She is taking such good care of him, and she is starting to take better care of herself too! She has such a sweet personality and I can tell she has hope now. Her eyes have a certain sparkle when she smiles. I know it is the love of Jesus, and one day we will be able to talk about Him with her. One day she will ask us why we help her...one day she will ask us why we love her and her little boy...why we love someone that no one else wants to love.

June 2009 - getting measured for his new wheels.

And then...oh then...we will be able to tell her where the source of that love comes from. We will be able to tell her that we can love her boy because we were first loved by Jesus. What a sweet day that will be! Lord, let it come soon.

Quiet strength and hope.

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