Jun 7, 2009

Survival Proverbs for Missionaries

This is my new favorite book. If you are thinking about going into missions. If you are new to the mission field or a seasoned missionary...you HAVE to read this book. Or rather...you have to CHEW on this book.

It was compiled by Dave Ohlerking, founder of Children's Cup. He talks candidly about life on the mission field and things you will encounter while you are there. Don't let the small stature of the book trick you...it will wreck you. It will wow you. And it will have you coming back for more.

Please buy it and read it. Please give it to friends that are interested in missions work.

It has been a balm to my wounds lately. It has been refreshing and real. I has given me something to hold onto.

Thank you Mr. Dave. Thank you for being open and honest, for being candid and real. Thank you for showing your heart and letting your experiences help others succeed.

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