Jun 2, 2009

Quakes and Shakes

While I was asleep last night I was shaken awake by, yet another earthquake. This one was a 5.0, not too shabby considering the 7.3 we had the other day. What is with all of these things? I will say this...Jesus is here and anything can happen!

We are doing a great work for the kingdom and the people here are being shaken loose from their bonds of poverty. There may not be money everywhere, but the spirit of poverty is breaking. There are more smiles, people are laughing more, they are quick to joke and they seem to be helping each other more. 

Today we went to a school and visited with the kids. Dr. Martin and Wendy spoke to the kids about the importance of healthy eating and and good hygiene. That is all fine and good...and very necessary, but what continues to blow me away is that we get to share the love of Christ with the kids. We get to pray with them and for them right there in the classroom. 

That is what we are here for. I feel like I am failing a little. I need more Spanish to be able to share Christ with the children. I need prayer for my language barriers and mental blocks. Please pray for me to excel in my Spanish. Please pray for opportunities to learn and practice. Please pray for a willing heart and a "go the second mile attitude." 

Thank so much!

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