Jun 3, 2009

Breaking New Ground

We hiked to the village of San Luis today and it has abslutely been on of my favorite days EVER! The hike was challenging, the scenery was beautiful and the people stole my heart. We were the first medical team to go there...there have been so many firsts lately. 


Dr. Martin and I have been talking a lot about claiming territory. You know every peice of ground on this earth is claimed...someone has rights to it and the people who live there. Well today we laid down some serious prayer and we claimed the aldea of San Luis for the Lord. 


We stand on the promise the Lord gave Abraham...where ever your feet land will be yours. Well now we have San Luis, it is our responsibility now. We have a burden for the people there, the young and the old alike. We actually saw the youngest and the oldest people there in the village. I think we actually gave medical attention to everyone in the village. 


It was such a peaceful day. The people were so hospitable. Honduran hospitality just blows you away. We were served coffee, beans, tortillas and cheese...all home grown and prepared by hand. I am just speechless at the blessings of today. I can't wait until tomorrow.


I am expectant. 






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Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

how cool, heather! love hearing all about your mission experience. take care. :)