Jun 10, 2009

Spell Check

So It has recently been brought to my attention that I have a spelling problem.

This is not a new problem, but it has been compounded since I started learning Spanish. In the past I used to meticulously proofread my letters and papers...scouring for grammar and spelling errors. I even used to go as far as talking about people who didn't proofread their own papers. Tisk Tisk...I know...what goes around has definitely come around!

I will be the first to admit that I don't take the time to spell check the blog...as I am sure you have noticed. It is just really hard for me to wait for the spell check to load and then for me to click on all of those yellow highlighted portions before I post the blog.

It is also hard to sacrifice hearing the peals of laughter that come from Wendy and Rachel as they read over my mistakes. Should I rob you of that pleasure as well?

I do enjoy writing, and I LOVE blogging...so I hope my lack of spell check in the past has not offended you or given you the impression that I don't care about you. And if it has...well please forgive me. I cannot promise that I will use the little ABC check mark every time I blog, but I will try to remember to press it more frequently.

I will admit, however, that my spelling has taken a turn for the worse. I didn't use to make as many errors...I think I may be mildly dyslexic...yes that's it...that's what we will call it. I don't catch the errors unless the document is in print, and it would just be silly to print out every blog before posting.

Are there 12 steps for this?

Hello my name is Heather, and I am a bad speller. This is my first meeting.

Pressing the button now...3 errors found and corrected.

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