Jun 15, 2009

Plastic Chairs

A few weeks ago when HPC was here, we went to visit the elementary school in Rio Viejo. While we were there one of the teachers mentioned that there were not enough chairs for the students. It seems that as the community continues to grow the classes get bigger and bigger. So the kids have been sharing chairs during class.

Can you imagine teaching a third grade class, where 1/4 of the kids were sitting 2 to a chair? They are already so rowdy when they have their own desk!

So we were able to use some of the group money from HPC to purchase 12 plastic chairs. The kids came by the hospital and carried them back to their school. They were so excited to have them!

This is what I love about working here. Jesus said that if a person is hungry don't pray for his belly to be full....feed him. So that is what we try to do...they needed chairs, not prayers. Pastor Dino and the whole HPC gang live by the motto..."if you see a need - fill it," and their team was able to do exactly that, even after they had already left the country!

It is nice to be in a place that has the same heart to serve, get their hands dirty and get the job done with excellence.

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