Jul 13, 2009

Double Trouble

Alessandra, Alejandra and Christy

Yesterday was the twins birthday...Brenda's baby girls, Alessandra and Alejandra. They turned 2 years old and we had a big bash at Senora Marta's house complete with chicken and rice, cake and 2 pinatas!

Pinata Time! My fav is Christy in the pink shirt, bottom right

After the party I went over to Brenda's house to see the work being done on the kitchen. It was incredible. Brenda has such a heart to provide for her family...to make their lives better. She gave me a tour of the new kitchen...which is being built around her existing outdoor kitchen. Here is a pic of the work done so far...

Brenda in her kitchen...soon to be complete.

She told me that she only needs one more row of blocks on the top of the kitchen and then they can start doing the smooth cement on the inside and put up the roof. I am hoping and praying that all of this can be done before the rainy season gets in full swing and before I leave in September...which is only 8 weeks away!

I am so grateful to Brenda for sharing a bit of her life with me. I had a blast at the birthday party and I almost cried when I saw the kitchen...it has come a long way from a pile blocks on the ground.

Alessandra had a little too much party.
I think it will even make a grumpy twin happy!

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