Jul 13, 2009

Krazy KFC

OK...so I admit it...we have a KFC in La Ceiba...and it is better than Popeyes. I know, I know a girl raised in the heart of New Orleans shouldn't say that...but it is a different world down here. What can I say?

Wendy and I hit the drive thru the other day to get a quick Twister (it is like a chicken wrap) on the road. When we got our order...they gave us the biggest cups I have ever seen!

"Silence brudurs, this is the biggest drink I ever had." (you must see Nacho Libre)

So I asked Wendy to take a picture of me and the Krazy KFC guy...after the Colonel died the marketing department went a little nuts-o with his image...check out the evidence on the wall behind me...jagged underbite, wack-o gleam in his eye...I guess he is crazy for chicken.

So here's to you Colonel...I think you are rubbing off on me!

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