Jul 26, 2009

It's Here!

Finally...today the verse dropped in my heart. The verse that says it all for the next season of my life. Well, OK it didn't really drop out of no where...I have been doing some research on the topic of desires and issues of the heart.

I kept going back to Psalm 37:4 which says, "Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart" (NLT). Although, I love this verse it was not the right one. Most people who read this verse, think it means that if you serve the Lord, He will give you everything you want...But that is not the case.

I am no theologian, but to me Ps 37:4 really means that if you take joy in the Lord you are so much like Him that you want the same things He wants. His desires become your desires...so He gives you His desires and they become the desires of your heart.

Great! That is what I really want...but because so many people get mixed up on the meaning...I can't have it all over my business cards. I needed something different. Something more personal to me. Something that spoke directly to my heart. Something that I can hold onto when it gets hard and lonely and I am tired and weary. Something that encourages me when the enemy is pelting my mind and spirit.

So this morning...it was there...still in Psalms but flip forward a few chapters to Ps 40:8 "I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your law is written on my heart" (NLT). WOW. His will for my life is written on my heart; I will never lose it, and no one can ever take it from me. I will cling to Him and to this promise, and I will walk with joy.

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Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

what a beautiful and perfect verse, just like my sweet cousin! congrats!! xoxo.