Jul 17, 2009

Office Dancing

Office dancing?...you ask with slight disbelief in your voice, and maybe a twinge of regret that you can't dance in your office.

Here at HHIM HQ we prefer to office dancing to most other meager means of communication.

Here is a description...

The victory dance: is reserved for those times of sheer indescribable joy. When a prayer has been answered, something incredibly good and unexpected happens, or when something you have been holding out for finally materializes. We all have our own version of this one, but they all include some type of jumping or hopping and flailing of the arms..unless you are Martin and you let the occasion dictate the degree of arm motion.

The sassy pants dance: happens pretty frequently, and I have to say...I am the only one who uses it. This is the "I don't know and I don't care" combo dance...it usually happens when Martin asks me a silly question or on the rare occasion that I as Martin a silly question he may choose to respond with the move. It includes pursing your lips, looking away like you don't care, and with palms facing out wiping the air in front of you like you are cleaning the slate.

The get out of here dance: is an unspoken and until now...unwritten move. This occurs when you have just had enough and you can't even talk about it any more. It always involves a verbal sound effect in conjunction with the motion of a back hand or a swift kick to the rear.

I am thinking about implementing a new move...the break dance: used when you need a break from your computer and will involve some kind of hopping around in a circle and shrugging of the shoulders.

Come to think of it...Martin and I are usually the only ones who do the office dancing. Wendy does participate from time to time...but it is usually a slim version of the sassy pants dance.

One thing I know for sure, is that I will never be able to work in an environment that prohibits office dancing. It has become a necessary means of communication...kind of like pointing at things with my lips and using hand signals for most frequently used phrases...but that is a whole different story.

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